From S. Smith, SAFEHUT Family

April 23, 2016

Thank you for your patience during this website rebuild.  I am excited to wipe the dust off this fantastic product and report the changes, modifications and updates for SAFEHUT regularly.

The website will continue to build while live.  Its been dormant too long and this merely encourages me to continue to completion.

Many thanks to those of you who have continued to reach out to us since my father's passing with encouragement and enthusiasm for the legacy he left behind.  SAFEHUT had a great team and we never would have made it to fruition without the involvement of many devoted individuals.

I look forward to the coming months.

Stay tuned

Sarah Smith


You really made a fantastic upgrade and rebuilding with your website. I can clearly see the difference of this and the previous one. I do hope that you continue maintaining this website and never get tired of it. I will follow you with every step on the way of your reconstruction. I know you can continue with the legacy your father left behind. Best of lucks to you and your passion!


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